Our offer

Transparent real-time insight in the water quality

Every year, the quality of the tap water at a point of use undergoes a laboratory analysis in accordance with the quality standard ISO 17025.

We monitor through real-time event detection whether the good quality is maintained. We do this by continuously monitoring pH, conductivity, turbidity, ORP and temperature.

Personalized advice

You will receive advice on the water solutions that best meet your needs: a good taste, the desired comfort, a good price. We only collaborate with partners who subscribe to an ethical code of conduct.

Information by email or text message

You will be informed if the water quality temporarily deviates. You will receive specific advice until there is a solution.

Share what's right for you and our planet

We focus on monitoring in public places. We share the information and advice for free with the local community.

Our approach

Step 1: Selection of the most suitable water solution

Good taste is subjective. We organize a test panel to select the most suitable and best supported solution for you, in collaboration with water treatment providers.

The quality of tap water is usually very good. If you need a 100% quality guarantee, we will check whether extra security at the point of consumption is required.

Step 2: Branding

We evaluate how to make access to water as easy as possible for your employees and your visitors.

What type of water carafes and glasses are the best fit? Is there a need for drinking bottles for employees on the site?

Step 3: Start-up quality assurance

We install an online monitoring type pipe::scan just behind your water meter. IN this way, consumers can always have 100% confidence in the good quality. We also schedule a sampling at the consumption point. We prefer to do this in collaboration with the local water company. We organize maintenance and annual sampling. 

Step 4: Follow-up via watercheck.be

We start monitoring the tap water. If a possible water quality deviation is identified, we provide communication and help to solve the problem.

We also provide the opportunity to share insights with the local community. In this way we can also inspire them to make positive choices about their drinking water.